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What makes Seacoast Ballroom special? 

Whether you are ready to step into dancing shoes for the first time, or you are a more seasoned dancer, Seacoast Ballroom can help you hone your skills in a friendly, low-stress environment. 

We believe that learning to dance should be enjoyable, and we make it that way. New students will be delighted to find success in the first few minutes of their first lesson. 

Frederick Dunn

With over 25 years of teaching experience, Fred has earned numerous awards for dance performance, competition, and education; and has appeared in live arts performances as well as on television. 

He is an ISTSD certified dance instructor, ensuring a high standard of dance technique and education methods. 

Fred is also a certified instructor of the Alexander Technique, an educational method that helps students improve mobility, posture, performance and alertness. With this technique, students learn a more easeful way of dancing and help reduce the chance of injury. 

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